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ChatGPT, AI and Education

ChatGPT is a chatbot application developed by OpenAI. The purpose of ChatGPT is to optimize the language model for dialogues. Yes, the dialogue is ChatGPT’s way of interacting with us, enabling it to quickly answer a wide range of questions from the easy to the difficult for humans.

The popularity of ChatGPT at this moment is continuously increasing. Google Trend data shows that as of December 25-31, 2022, the keyword search popularity of ChatGPT was at 26, while in the period January 22-28, 2023, it hit 88. The highest popularity score is 100, whereas 50 means half-popular and 0 equals none.

However, the existence of Artificial Intelligence technology is like a two-edged knife, with positive and negative sides. ChatGPT helps humans speed up obtaining information and knowledge, including writing lines of programming coding.

Negatively, ChatGPT could shift jobs, even white-collar workers. It was recognized by ChatGPT when asked the question.

Is ChatGPT suitable for education? Of course, as mentioned earlier, it is a way to accelerate the knowledge we want and need. Regarding economics, ChatGPT helps efficiently cost humans to acquire it.

Nevertheless, what are the negative implications for education? ChatGPT describes three possible disadvantages. First, a decline in motivation for learning. Second, decreased quality of education as ChatGPT cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented. Third, a lack of social interaction.[]